Week 1: I Have no Idea What I’m Doing

Всем привет!

Shoving Russianness into your face pt. 1

After watching Ali Abdaal’s videos and reading Naval Ravikant’s tweets, I have finally decided to start a blog. I will treat this blog as my weekly journal where I am going to plan out things to learn the following week, reflect on the previous one, and share (hopefully) interesting things that I have found out while I was practicing the art of procrastination. Also, there will be articles posted during the week.

This blog will focus on entrepreneurship and finance. Frankly, the only thing I know about these subjects is how to spell them and that they are hard. As you know, everything in this world is interconnected, so I will dive in other stuff too.

I believe that it is often easier to learn something new from other novices rather than from experts (e. g. Richard Feynman, Jordan Peterson, Tai Lopez etc.) . Thus, I hope that my beginner’s explanation (and poor writing skills) will help you grasp the material better. Further, I am the laziest person I know, so hopefully this blog will give me motivation to constantly explore. Next, I hope that in the future people can use this blog as a roadmap for beginners to navigate (or maybe a path not to follow).

Previous Week

  • Woke up 7 times (actually 9 because I drank too much water before going to sleep)
  • Finished two packs of sukhariki [сухарики] in one sitting (or as you might call it — crackers) which demolished my face with pimples

Next Week

  • Keep reading “The Intelligent Investor” and learning basic terminology for finance
  • Dive in game theory
  • Start reading Anthony Demello’s “A Way to Love, or Awareness”

Quote of the Week

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. — Wayne Gretzky” — Michael Scott” — So Viet

До свидания!

Shoving Russianness into your face pt. 2

Born in Vietnam, raised in Russia. Currently pursuing HSE and University of London Double Degree Programme in Economics. Enjoy sleeping and procrastinating